Diana Ivanova I'm a product designer and conceptual artist in New York. I like to solve novel problems and improve the world.

Wild Bloom

Wild Bloom is a modern luxury tea company with a mission. I created branding at the intersection of luxury, ethics, and a call to rewild, then designed an online store.

Skills: User-centered design, brand development, e-commerce platforms.


Cookshop is a recipes app for men. I conducted user research and competitive analysis to explore the hypothesis that male home cooks face gender bias in recipe content. Then, I defined masculinizing cues in UI design.

Skills: User research, competitive analysis, personas, testing and responsive design.


Zenvelopes is a budgeting app for people who hate budgeting. I applied an ancient Japanese budgeting method to help mitigate finance anxiety and grow a healthier money relationship in users with complex income and expense models.

Skills: Design to native iOS and Android constraints, interaction design, aural and haptic feedback.

Portfolio website

The making of this portfolio website. I address the problem of housing diverse projects in a harmonious and scannable way. I also learn to code.

Skills: Responsive design, front-end development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, testing and debugging.


Notteo is a minimalist app for note-taking. I created UI and branding in 5 hours.


Wear is a second-hand clothing resale app. It was my first project. I created custom icons and location-based clothing swap concept.

the Artwork

The Artwork is an audio piece designed to be experienced on the go. It gives instructions for having an artistic experience by observing any object. Similar to a GPS, it's a guide using an artificial voice to direct the user through the steps of artistic observation and light analysis. It provides an artistic experience to anyone at any time, in the absence of any artwork.


Salon is an immersive installation created for an open call by the Bulgarian Fund for Women. It's a living room where users can relax and use printed or audio material, which have been redacted to include only command-form sentences from real cultural artifacts for women, such as women's magazines. These command-form sentences are taken out of context and randomized to comical or thought-provoking effect.


Terlik is a stop-motion video project. The action is the process of complete unraveling of a traditional hand-knitted foot covering, to the soft sound of a crackling fire. It is a meditative loop about progress and loss.

a blue fabric swatch

How to save the world

I don't know how to save the world, but I design textiles and donate my profits to causes I care about once per quarter.

So far I've donated $

a fabric swatch with a date palm illustration

home / land

Textiles inspired by the date palm, native to the Middle East. Proceeds go to the Arava Institute through Friends of the Arava Institute. They work on developing cross-border environmental cooperation in the face of political conflict and war.

a fabric swatch with red and yellow flowers


Slavic folk-art inspired florals supporting humanitarian work in Ukraine. Proceeds go to Global Giving's Ukraine Crisis Relief fund.